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Canadian bisexual teenage girl involved in too many fandoms and obsessed with pop-punk/punk-rock bands. also posting any random shit you can find on this website that I find interesting. Pierce The Veil - All Time Low - Thirty Seconds To Mars - Simple Plan - Fall Out Boy - A Day To Remember - Bring Me The Horizon - 5 Seconds Of Summer - Panic! At The Disco - You Me At Six - Supernatural - Harry Potter - Game Of Thrones - Marvel Movies -

Misha wishing Cas a happy birthday (x)

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"sam’s being such a___"

if you’re not planning on finishing that sentence with “sparkling pinnacle of wit and intelligence and unearthly cuteness”, then i command u to halt

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Rian Dawson is a man with many names.

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where are all the hot teenage indie pop punk boys with messy hair good music taste and sarcastic tendencies

where are you

where are you hiding

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“blow minds not dicks”


imma blow his mind with how good i blow his dick


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